August 14, 2020

Director of Cayman Islands Public Prosecutions hits back at Cayman Compass Editorial


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Re: Editorial in 11th September 2017*

We write with reference to the editorial in the Cayman Compass of 11th September 2017.

We do not appear to have received a single inquiry from the Cayman Compass in relation to the two investigations referred to in this editorial. Given the public interest in these matters, it is regrettable that an editorial was published, which not only made certain assumptions but appears to have invited speculation in this regard, without any such inquiry first being made.

Whilst is perfectly open for investigatory agencies to comment publicly about the submission of files to this Office, it is not our general policy to do so. Some of the files we deal with are sensitive in nature, and any public release of information has the potential to impact negatively on the matters under investigation.

We would also wish to point out that we have no control over the timing of the submission of files to this Office by any investigatory agency or the length of time of investigations. We do, however, observe internal protocols with respect to the review of all files submitted to this Office. All custody / urgent matters are dealt with immediately on receipt. Many are dealt with outside office hours and at weekends. Less urgent files are given appropriate prioritisation according to the case-load within our office, and are ordinarily dealt with within 14 days of receipt.

Yours faithfully,

Cheryll M. Richards Q.C.
Director of

* The Editorial Ms. Richards is referring to is actually the one titled “EDITORIAL – ‘Snail bail’ justice: ‘Foots’ and the sugar glider” – By Editorial Board -September 10, 2017

It is NOT the one published September 11th 2017.

See also iNews Cayman’s Editorial published today: “There is an exception to every rule”.

IMAGE: Cheryll M. Richards Q.C

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