September 19, 2020

Digicel Sponsors Cayman Islands Flag Football League “Digicel’s Sponsorship Value worth CI $6,000.”


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Wednesday, June 20, 2012, GEORGE TOWN, GRAND CAYMAN –Digicel made another bold move by adding the Cayman Islands Flag Football Association to their list of sponsorships.  It was announced today that Cayman’s Bigger, Better Network had agreed to a sponsorship value of CI$6,000 with the league’s representatives.  The sponsorship includes a combination of cash and prize donations and a promise to enhance the league’s expectations, making it Bigger and Better.  Accepting on behalf of CIFFA’s board was First Elected Member, Phillip Brown and Club Vice president Brad Connolly. The league, now called, the Digicel Cayman Islands Flag Football League officially kicked off on 16th June, 2012 at Ed Bush in West Bay.

“We have been working on establishing a relationship with the flag football association for a year now.  We did a few activities together in 2011 and recognized so much potential in the sport and its players. Today it is my absolute pleasure to officially welcome them to our network of sponsorships.  We are committed to working with the members of the board to not only assist with the existing league but also bring it to its full potential.  Our ultimate goal is to make the experience this year a bigger, better and of course an unforgettable one for both players and patrons,” said Digicel Cayman’s Marketing Manager, Sharez Laws.

The Cayman Islands Flag Football Association was formed on 2002 has soared in popularity becoming a key sport in Cayman with a men and women’s league. The men’s league had an exciting opening with the 2011 champions, DMS Hellcats, playing their first game against the PWC Ironmen.  The match kicked off at 1:30pm, followed by the Clubhouse Bulldogs versus the Burger King Panthers and end with Cox Colts vs. Maples.

Keeping the promise of enhancing the league’s expectations, spectators can look forward to at match activities which will give them the opportunity to not only win vouchers and free credit but also top of the line handsets.  At the official opening of the league, three spectators were randomly selected from the crowd and given the chance to kick a field goal in an attempt to win a Samsung Galaxy SII.

CIFFA President Jermaine Sharpe expressed his excitement to have Digicel onboard by saying, “The CIFFA Men’s League is proud to be sponsored by Digicel this year.  This partnership will not only help boost Flag Football as one of the fastest growing sports in the Cayman Islands but will also show the commitment that Digicel continues to demonstrate to the community. We hope that with the generous support provided by Digicel we can take our sport to the next level and make it bigger and better.”

The opening day of the Digicel Cayman Islands Flag Football League came to an end with the following match results:
DMS WB Hellcats – 34 vs. PWC Iron Men – 6

Burger King Panthers – 6 vs. Clubhouse Bulldogs – 0

Coz Colts – 19 vs. Panthers – 14


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