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Digicel Business extends partnership with Masergy into the area of Data Security

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brandThursday, 11th December 2014 – Grand Cayman: Digicel Business has announced that it is extending its partnership with Masergy Communications Inc. to now offer an advanced ‘Security as a Service’ solution to businesses across Cayman. The solution, which is a fully managed service, helps companies to secure their digital assets through a combination of advanced threat detection and continuous monitoring.

Security breaches cost companies billions of dollars each year and occur as a result of malicious and criminal attacks. The average cost of a single incident is about $3.5 million according to the ‘2014 Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Analysis’ conducted by the Ponemon Institute and IBM”

The security of company data, including customer data in many cases, is such an masergyimportant area for all businesses. Not only can it be extremely costly to experience a data breach but it can also have a negative impact on the credibility of a company, especially in cases where customers’ data is at risk.

“Masergy brings unique expertise in machine learning and analytics to the increasingly complex array of cyber security threats being faced by organizations around the world,” says Masergy CEO Chris MacFarland. “We are pleased to partner with Digicel Business to offer this valuable service to Cayman businesses.”

Security as a service offers businesses a state of the art managed service that operates through analyzing patterns in the existing network and triggering alarms when these patterns deviate from the norm. It differs from other security solutions in that it combines analytics with human expertise to address the increasingly complex array of cyber security threats being faced by organisations around the world.

At a pre-launch event held in Cayman last month, Head of Business Solutions for Digicel Business, Caoire Kennedy commented “Data Security is a hot topic right now, both in Cayman and across the Business World globally. Every business is vulnerable to data security breaches regardless of size, and we have seen that recently across big brands with Sony Pictures Entertainment being one of the most recent victims. Masergy’s managed security solutions provide an integrated approach to the continuous monitoring of all the elements in an enterprise network. We are thrilled to bring this sophisticated service, combined with Masergy’s expertise and customer service, to our customers.

For more information on the Digicel Business Security as a Service solution email [email protected] or call 623 BIZZ (2499).

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Digicel and the Caribbean
Letters To irish Times
Fri, Dec 12, 2014, 01:05

Sir, – I refer to your article “Digicel warns of scaling back in the Caribbean” (December 9th), which displays a serious lack of understanding of the telecommunications landscape in that region and also arrives at several misplaced conclusions.

Digicel chose not to acquire Columbus Communication because we did not believe it was worth in excess of $2 billion. Cable & Wireless Communications are proposing to pay over $3 billion for the business which we believe is excessive – but that is their business. The real issue, however, is that unlike Digicel, which is predominantly in the mobile space, Cable & Wireless Communications and Columbus combined will result in several monopolies in their overlap markets.

As is the case with any transaction which will result in monopolies or virtual monopolies, this proposed transaction needs to be very carefully examined by the relevant regulators and appropriate measures taken to ensure that there is no abuse of the pro-forma monopolies which will be created in six countries. Indeed this has been recognised by the Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Authority, which stated last Friday that, “In the review of the proposed merger the ministers noted that potential new scenarios will emerge where monopolies or near monopolies will exist in the provision of fixed network services which will have an impact on both residential and business consumers.”

Your statement that we “would also have had a stranglehold on certain segments of the market in the region, instead of CWC” is simply not true. It is also wrong for you to conclude that we need time to “formulate a strategy to respond” to the proposed transaction. Our strategy remains unchanged. What we do want to ensure is that the appropriate consumer and industry protections are put in place so that we can pursue that strategy in the knowledge that there will be a level playing field for new entrants like ourselves. – Yours, etc,


Group Chief Executive

Officer, Digicel Group .

See iNews Cayman story from The Irish Times  published December 9 2014 “Digicel could scale back Caribbean investment” at:

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