August 4, 2020

Did You Know? Bubble Wrap was Invented in 1957 as 3D Wallpaper That Failed to Sell


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BY RAIN NOE From Core77

I’m interested in finding awesome trivia bits you can bring up when your Tinder dates start to go south, and I just came across this gem:

According to Packaging Knowledge, in 1957 two engineers working out of a garage in were trying to invent plastic wallpaper with a 3D texture. Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes succeeded in creating bubble wrap–but failed to sell it as 3D freaking wallpaper. Undeterred, the pair subsequently formed the and began selling their invention for packaging applications.

Obviously the Sealed Air Corporation is still alive and well today. Here’s how they make the now-ubiquitous material that we all love to squeeze:

If the product had succeeded as wallpaper, wouldn’t we all be constantly visiting each other’s homes to pop as many bubbles as possible when the host is out of earshot? Even if you banned me from your house, I would break in at night and just ruin your living room.

For more on this story and video how Bubble-Wrap is made go to:

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