September 23, 2020

Did THE wedding happen and did you know Cayman Islands is in the Bahamas?


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Bondi & Henderson - Ryan Joseph Photographs

The Internet was buzzing with stories that Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi got married to Tampa ophthalmologist Greg Henderson last Saturday (26) at 5pm on the Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman’s beachfront Great Lawn.

And …..

Just back from a trade mission to Spain, Florida Gov. Rick Scott and his wife Ann is in the Bahamas to attend the wedding in Grand Cayman.  Yes it must be true Grand Cayman is now part of the Bahamas because this is what a number of the news stories we received said. Did our premier, Mckeeva Bush, do this without us knowing?

Apparently the wedding of Bondi and Henderson, who reportedly is 15 years her senior and has four grown children (goodness whatever next!) was meant to be “hush hush”.

Bondi & Henderson –Ryan Joseph Photographs

Bondi, who is DIVORCED (oh my!) was a Hillsborough County assistant state attorney who had never run for elected office before running as a Republican in the statewide race for Florida’s attorney general in 2010. She is a tea party (GOP) favourite and has been a popular commentator of Fox News over the years. She gives regular updates about Florida’s lawsuit against President Obama’s administration over the health care law. The Supreme Court is expected to issue a ruling in the case in August.

However, disaster happened. According to one source Sen. Paula Dockery, Republican for Lakeland, spilled the beans on her Facebook page Friday, posting a picture of Bondi captioned “The blushing bride serving punch to her friends on Cayman Airways.” In a previous post, Dockery said: “The plane is filled with her wedding party.” Dockery apparently spotted Bondi on the flight to the islands.

But, another story says it was Bondi’s assistant, Catherine (?) who first spilled the beans.

Pam Bondi

“Catherine told everyone she knows about the wedding because she was so excited that she was invited,” the report said. “Just like she told everyone about Anne Scott assisting Bondi with the redecorating of Bondi’s Tallahassee office and Bondi purchasing expensive (I think $4,000.00) chairs for the office and describing every designer label Bondi wears. She also posted on Facebook of her trip to the Cayman Islands. Then her other nice, but not too sharp assistant, Fay, also posted about his trip to the Cayman Islands. People put 2 and 2 together and the press started asking questions.”

A source at the $400-a-night Ritz hotel, which advertises wedding packages in the $20,000-range, told one of the gossip columns that desk and reservation clerks have been told to say Bondi’s no longer registered as a guest, even if she is.

A furious Bondi, 45, apparently gave managers an earful about ‘Gossip Extra‘s’ scoop that she had secretly eloped to Grand Cayman to tie the knot. (Bondi it wasn’t them.)

As well as Rick and Ann Scott other attendees included Hillsborough State Attorney Mark Ober; former Tampa Mayor Dick Greco and his wife, Linda; and Kim and John Kirtley. Kim Kirtley was the communications director for Bondi’s campaign when she ran for attorney general. The group also included Henderson’s mother and four adult children as well as Bondi’s parents and younger brother, Brad.

To confuse the whole thing more another report says the gathering Saturday evening was a “celebration of upcoming nuptials,” Bondi said, adding that she planned to wear her wedding dress at the event. (I wasn’t invited so I can’t say what actually happened). The wedding ultimately will be “small, private, and in a Baptist church soon” in the Tampa area, she added. In the meantime, “We are thrilled to be here having the time of our lives,” she said.

Believe it or not, this whole affair occupied 75% of all the stories we received here at iNews Cayman over the weekend.

I am still worrying about the Cayman Islands now being part of the Bahamas.


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