November 27, 2021

Diane Weldy Tavegia shares Kaitlyn Ross’ story

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In every dark cloud, there is a rainbow.

Please meet Pooh Bear.

This sweet pup was in a horrific house fire in Georgia yesterday.

He and his elderly owner barely escaped with their lives.

Terrified, Pooh Bear ran to a neighbor’s house.

Thankfully that neighbor loves dogs and took him to the amazing Care More Animal Hospital.

The vet staff there jumped in to action and quickly learned Pooh Bear was most calm when he was being held and sang to.

So this amazing doctor has spent the last 24 hours crooning, “you are my sunshine” to this sweet baby.

Then the person who first brought Poor Bear to the animal hospital came in to check on him.

When he saw the puppy was struggling to breathe, he offered to bring him to the UGA animal hospital so he could get the best burn care available. I cried when I first saw sweet Pooh Bear’s burned face, but now I am overwhelmed by so many kind strangers who have stepped up to help this sweet pup!

The animal hospital has received so many donations, they’re giving the rest of the money to Pooh Bear’s family so they can recover some of what they lost from the fire. Kindness wins.

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