July 16, 2020

DeVere’s Green slams bloggers in YouTube video


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Nigel-Green--de-Vere-280From Simon Danaher international Adviser

The chief executive of deVere Group, which claims to be the world’s largest IFA company in the world, has posted a video on YouTube discussing negative blogs.

In the relatively informal three minute video, Nigel Green talks about problems the company has faced as it has grown, with “anonymous people” who use blogs to write “complete rubbish” about the group.

Green describes the internet as being similar to a wall on which people are able to share their thoughts and describes blogs as graffiti which it is not possible to remove. He blames these blogs largely on a very small number of former clients and employees.

The CEO does concede there are some genuine complaints, but says the company has only received 350 over the past ten years – a figure Green says is a “low number” considering the 70,000 clients deVere claims to have.

Green said of the video: “Social media is becoming an ever-important part of all our lives – and it’s becoming an increasingly important tool in business. It allows us to directly communicate with our clients and colleagues, without being subject to a third-party editing process and deadlines.

“With this in mind, we plan to upload more video blogs from senior staff in which we will talk about ongoing industry trends and challenges and the major financial issues that are affecting our clients.

“As social media allows us to reach out directly, in our video blogs we like to adopt an instantaneous, unscripted, authentic approach so the viewer feels as though we’re having a one-on-one conversation with them.”

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It was on April 25th we reported deVere Group were opening an office here in the Cayman Islands. See iNews Cayman story “The deVere Group ventures into the Cayman Islands” at https://www.ieyenews.com/2013/04/the-devere-group-ventures-into-the-cayman-islands/


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