September 27, 2022

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100 under-the-radar beaches everyone should visit in their lifetime Part 5
By Alison Millington From Business Insider
Whether you’ve only spent a handful of days on the sand in your life or you’re a full-blown sunseeker, there are plenty of breathtaking beaches on this planet waiting to be discovered.
And, whether you look for a spot with an element of adventure, peace and quiet, or you simply don’t like your towel to be too close to a stranger, many of them fly under-the-radar to tourists despite their spectacular beauty.
Business Insider asked some of the most influential travel bloggers and experts, from the likes of Lonely Planet, Secret Escapes, KAYAK, British Airways, Airbnb,, and HolidayPirates for the most incredible under-the-radar beaches they’ve ever visited. Jet-setters in our own office also contributed. Together, their choices don’t disappoint.

Bottom Bay, Barbados.
byvalet / Shutterstock

“A favourite picnic spot for those in the know, the beach is semi-enclosed by high coral cliffs, providing a panoramic view of the south shore,” said Wetherson. “Tucked away on the south coast, the scene is completed by the presence of tall palm trees that add to the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere of the bay.”

Salt Rock, Dolphin Coast, South Africa.
Salt Rock Digital / Shutterstock

Another of Wetherson’s favourite spots, head to the beach at the Salt Rock Hotel on the Dolphin Coast of South Africa for tropical palm trees, golden shores, and, hopefully, some dolphin-spotting.

Diani Beach, Kenya.
BlueOrange Studio / Shutterstock

Diani Beach in Kenya is another must-see, according to Wetherson — and with its shallow waters, sandbars, and coral reefs, it’s easy to see why.
Lipa Noi Beach, Koh Samui, Thailand.
ParrySuwanitch / Shutterstock

According to Wetherson, this is the “best spot to see the sunset with powder white sands and calm shallow waters. It is very remote but does offer Big John Seafood (a local fish restaurant), an absolute must!”
Jumeirah Beach, Dubai.
R.A.R. de Bruijn Holding BV / Shutterstock

Wetherson’s final pick might be a tad less under-the-radar, but Jumeirah Beach offers a stunning perspective of the Dubai skyline — and the white sand of the Persian Gulf.

Cedeira, Galicia, Spain.

“Galicia is peppered with pockets of undiscovered Spain if you know where to look,” according to Neil Cartwright, travel expert at “The small town of Cedeira certainly belongs in this category and is a fantastic example of how beautiful authentic Spain can be.”

Ploumanac’h, France.
vvoe / Shutterstock

“This quaint seaside resort town has lots of secret enclaves and coves dotting its seafront,” said Cartwright. “The coast is commonly known as Côte de Granit Rose, or ‘Pink Granite Coast’ for its distinctive colour.”

Caneiros, Algarve, Portugal.
Landscape Nature Photo / Shutterstock

Cartwright said: “The rocks and cliffs surrounding the beachfront give it a cove-like appearance which hides the beach from those who don’t know it’s there. So you’re protected from outsiders as you take a dip in the refreshingly cool waters.”
Calo des Moro, Mallorca, Spain.
pixelliebe / Shutterstock

“To reach Calo des Moro you’ll have to ignore a private property sign and climb down some precarious steps to reach the elusive beach, so expect only hardcore-beach goers and locals to greet you,” Cartwright said. “Not great for sun lounging, what Calo des Moro is famous for is its picturesque cove that allows swimmers to get a fantastic view of the island from not that far out.”

Petani Beach, Kefalonia, Greece.
Heracles Kritikos / Shutterstock

“A curved seafront lines the sand and pebble dashed beach,” Cartwright said. “One of the favoured local traditions is swimming in the evening to watch the sea change colour as the sun sets in the west.”

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