August 11, 2020

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Best places to visit in October

By Mark Abadi From Business Insider

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  • Business Insider has spent a year finding the best best places to visit in the world for each month of the year.
  • Now, we’ve taken the top destinations and compiled them into a travel guide for each month of 2019.
  • The best places to visit in 2019 include tropical paradises, rugged outdoor playgrounds, and vibrant cultural hubs.

October — Munich,

Oktoberfest Germany

What we said: “If you’re a beer lover, then your mecca for the month of October is Munich, Germany, home to the world’s largest Oktoberfest celebration.

“Over the course of 16 days, visitors from all over the world drink 7 million liters of beer and revel in amusement park rides, games, and attractions. The event attracts millions of thirsty travelers, and should be on your radar for a European excursion.”

Note: Oktoberfest runs from September 21 to October 6, 2019

October — Dubai, United Arab Emirates

dubai skyline camel

What we said: “It’s going to be hot no matter what time of year you visit Dubai, the glimmering capital of the United Arab Emirates. If you can tolerate it, we recommend visiting in October, when the mercury drops below triple digits, but a couple of months before the city becomes packed with tourists during the “cool” season.

“If stunning architecture is your thing, it’s hard to beat the futuristic Dubai skyline, including the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. You can also indulge in some shopping at the world-famous Dubai Mall, cool off at at the Jumeirah beach, and get a taste of traditional culture at the Jumeirah Mosque and any of the city’s outdoor gold and spice markets.”

October — Marrakesh, Morocco

marrakesh marrakech morocco

What we said: “Marrakesh, Morocco, is a place teeming with culture and life. It’s home to beautiful mosques, palaces, and gardens, and visitors can get lost for hours in its sprawling bazaars, sampling the best of Moroccan cuisine along the way.

“Between wonders like the Bahia Palace, the Ben Youssef Madrasa, and the Jemaa El-Fnaa market, it’s no surprise that TripAdvisor users once ranked Marrakesh the number one travel destination in the world.”

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