October 20, 2020

Deaf ears


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Who are we to dare have an opinion that our elected leaders don’t want to hear let alone act upon? Who are we to dare to put in print repeating the crying voice of the people. How rarely do our leaders respond to common sense. How rarely do they have the courage to say, “You are wrong
Mr. Wilson.”

This newspaper is not affiliated to any political party. The opinions expressed in the editorial are mine as Editor in Chief or Joan Wilson as Publisher. However, our opinions are based on what you our readers are telling us. When you disagree with us we print it and/or put it online. It does not fall on deaf ears.

The only time the politicians really want us is when there is an election or when they are in trouble. Politicians are paid out of the public purse. No exceptions. They are our servants. They are not above us. We are their masters. We can vote them out of office and we do. Every four years.

This newspaper is the new boy on the block. We are only seven months old. But the people behind the scenes are mature warriors. Our news team are experienced. Our publisher is a Caymanian who goes back to the first two families that came here. We are not “wet behind the ears.”

Every editorial is not written to “have a go” at someone. There is no personal vendetta being used to further some sinister desire we have. We love this country passionately. We love the people here. Over half the Caymanian population is related to Joan. She campaigned strongly when she was a “few” years younger and even thought of becoming a politician.

The opinions I express here are also hers. She listens to the public as do I. Our telephone is ringing all the time with people calling her. People she knows. They are not anonymous bloggers who won’t even put their name to some vicious piece of writing one sees on other news media sites. They are concerned citizens.

Our paid politicians ignore the editorials. They don’t care what we say. Only one time did our premier write to me concerning something I had written and we gave his comments prominent place. I applaud the fact he did it.

At the George Town meeting on Tuesday night when around 70 people were present the leader of the opposition (PPM) Alden McLaughlin was not present. He led by example and none of his elected MLAs’ was present either. He boycotted it.

Whilst I can agree with his anger I cannot agree with his decision. In my opinion, he has let down the very people who voted for him! The people who attended that meeting were not just UDP supporters. They were people who are worried. Some of them voted for Mr. McLaughlin and Mr. Tibbetts. They didn’t boycott the meeting because of the way the premier arranged it. They were there because they care. They love this country. And they love this country so much they didn’t have to be paid to be there. Both George Town PPM MLA’s should have been there. It sickened me even more to hear our leader of the opposition postulate on a radio talk show on Wednesday morning and again on television with his ridiculous reasons for not being present. That, sir, was adding insult to injury.

But who cares what this newspaper says. We were not elected. You see, unless you are, what we say doesn’t matter. Even if it is the truth. It will still fall on deaf ears. Sorry, what did you just say?


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