November 29, 2023

Days after DeMo, Doval’s son set up firm at Cayman Islands: Cong

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Ajit Doval. File photo

New Delhi, January 17

The Congress today cited an RBI report to point a finger at exaggerated FDI flows from tax haven Cayman Islands to India post the 2016 demonetisation and alleged links between this increased flow of foreign funds to a company set up abroad by the son of National Security Adviser Ajit Doval soon after the note ban.

Congress leader Jairam Ramesh today addressed reporters to allege that on November 21, 2016, Vivek Doval set up a hedge fund in Cayman Islands and the FDI from the islands in 2017-2018 was Rs8,300 crore.“FDI flows from Cayman Islands to India between 2000 and 2017 were Rs8,300 crore and FDI flows from the islands in 17 months post demonetisation were also Rs8,300 crore. The RBI must publish the details of these FDI inflows from a tax haven to India in the interest of transparency,” Ramesh said. He also souight details of the second director of the hedge fund set up by Vivek Doval. “The second director’s name is Don E Banks. He figures in the Panama Papers and we all know what these papers are all about,” Ramesh added.

In his third query, he asked what the relationship between GNY Asia, the hedge fund set up by Vivek Doval, and Zeus Strategic Consultants formed by Ajit Doval’s another son Shorya Doval.The Congress said Doval was part of the BJP panel that published a report on black money and tax havens in 2011. “It was in that report that Doval recommended full disclosure in respect of all FDIs from tax havens,” Ramesh said. —TNS

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