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Davos of the Caribbean- Guess who will be in Haiti this year?!

We’re excited to announce one of our featured speakers!

Ann Rosenberg is the Senior Vice President & Global Head of SAP Next-Gen, (a Purpose Driven Innovation Community of 17,000+ partner companies).

Haiti Tech Summit 2019

Ann Rosenberg and Christine Souffrant Ntim-the founder of Haiti Tech Summit, will be speaking at Davos, Switzerland during the World Economic Forum 2019 week, and bringing leading voices to Haiti.

Deemed the “Davos of the Caribbean”, Haiti Tech Summit is the largest innovation gathering in the region featuring celebrities, politicians, corporate leaders and influencers from over 80+ countries annually. It is a part of a 13 year initiative to turn Haiti into a tech hub for global markets by 2030.

So join us for the 3rd annual gathering this year and meet awesome influencers from the SAP Next Gen network!


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