July 4, 2020

Darren Ebanks wins Samsung Galaxy S3 from Monster Nutrition


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monsternutritionpromoMonster Nutrition is pleased to announce Darren Ebanks as the winner of the Samsung Galaxy S3 on Tuesday, April 30th, 2013.

For the month of April any customer who purchased products and spent over CI$100 was entered into a raffle for a Samsung Galaxy S3 from the carrier of their choice.

The raffle and winner was announced by phone and online via Facebook with a special video clip filming the process.

“We had numerous entries up until the day of the raffle, so it was a very exciting promotion. I was very pleased to offer this promotion as a way to get our customers engaged, and reward them for their patronage, so congratulations to Darren!” stated Jason Smith, Managing Director of Monster Nutrition.

Monster Nutrition plans to have a very active calendar year with other upcoming promotions and events, so be sure to stay up to date by subscribing to their Facebook page.

Photo Caption 1: Jason Smith (left), Managing Director of Monster Nutrition, handing over the Samsung Galaxy S3 to the promotion winner, Darren Ebanks (right).

About Monster Nutrition:

Monster Nutrition was founded in 2010 by Jason Smith. Monster Nutrition provides a wide array of fitness products for the athlete and non-athlete. The store is located inside of Reliable Industries Ltd. Products can also be purchased online at www.monsternutrition.ky.


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