November 26, 2020

Criminal background checks: A necessity now in Cayman?

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Everyday the news from the USA tells of violence, murder and sex offenders on the prowl. The scary thing is, it’s now happening here in Cayman.

You usually never know who these people might be until it’s too late. How many times have you seen an interview of someone describing an accused criminal as the nicest person you could ever know?

With the popularity of Internet dating, the threat of sex offenders seems to increase daily. It is estimated that the number of Americans using online dating services is in the tens of millions. Sex offenders have easy access to millions of potential victims. Don’t think it won’t or isn’t happening here. Violence is on the rise, even in the workplace. Gang members here in Cayman have jobs.

A criminal background check on someone is common place in the USA. Because of the speed and convenience of the Internet, obtaining a criminal background check on virtually anyone there couldn’t be any easier. Whether someone has an unpaid parking ticket, or has been convicted of a felony, these public records are all available to anyone. It is difficult however, to do a background check on anyone here.

A criminal background check can and should be used in any situation where safety is an issue. It is extremely difficult for anyone to know you are investigating them so you can conduct one in complete anonymity. When our safety is in question, a criminal background check is something we should all have access to. This is not an island time forgot anymore. We have had our wake up calls. Do you really know the background of the person you work with or live next door to?

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