September 20, 2020

Credit Suisse donates high tech projector to ICCI


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ICCI instructor Lisa de Mercado uses the high tech LCD projector donated by Credit Suisse to make the Spanish class more interactive.

The International College of the Cayman Islands announced today that the Credit Suisse Prime Fund Services donated a high tech LCD projector and large conference screen to the college.

The high-resolution Sharp projector and 8 x 8 foot drop down screen connects to a laptop, enabling instructors at the college to give lectures using multimedia presentations. In addition to making lectures more interactive, it is important for instructors and students to understand how to use these presentation tools, since they are often used in business settings.

“This projector is a wonderful teaching tool,” said ICCI instructor Lisa de Mercado, “I often use it in my Spanish class to add variety to my lesson. I am able to project games and role-play lines instead of printing a copy for each student. I have a late class so it is very important not only to teach the course well, but to keep the students awake, alert and interested.”

Ben McDonald, of Credit Suisse Prime Fund Services, said, “After being nominated by our staff, ICCI was one of a number of organisations that received donated items. We are very pleased to have provided ICCI and other local groups with surplus office equipment and will continue to look for positive ways to partner with the Cayman community.

In addition to the LCD projector and conference screen, Credit Suisse donated a wide range of office furniture and equipment including several computers, desks, chairs, cabinets, two large whiteboards and a bookshelf.

A key part of what the International College has stood for since it was established 41 years ago is being accessible to all students who are academically ready but have limited financial means, said ICCI President John Cummings, PhD.

“Donations of high tech equipment and office furniture from corporations such as Credit Suisse can be a tremendous boost in keeping capital expenditure costs down,” said Dr. Cummings. “We are grateful for Credit Suisse’s generosity for its donation of a LCD projector, computer equipment and office furniture.”



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