September 19, 2020

Courtesy posting for Chubby dog !


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From CARE – Cayman Animal Rescue Enthusiasts    [email protected]

We have been contacted to help spread the word for this beautiful Cayman mix breed dog.

Chubby spent the first 6 years of his life tied to a boat but then Justin took him in and gave him a proper home with a real bed and 2 meals a day! He goes to work every day and hangs out in the workshop and he’s got a little piece of grass out back he can sunbathe on. Unfortunately Justin has to go home to Denmark and, logistics and country policies are proving it impossible for Chubby to go with him and they are both going to be heartbroken.

Over the last 16 months he’s settled down so much you wouldn’t believe but sadly as a result of the years of mistreatment he is still quite unfriendly towards some people and cannot be around any other animals. He needs a home with someone who understands poorly treated animals and has the patience to deal with his issues.

He is approximately 8 years old, has been neutered, is heartworm free and up to date with his shots.

If you would like to meet Chubby, please call
Alex on 525 2554


Please be a voice for those without by passing this e-mail on and help spread the word.

This is a community service appeal offered by CARE in the hope to spread the word and find a forever home for this dog. This dog is not a CARE dog and therefore any questions should be directed to the contact listed above.

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