June 14, 2021

Costa Rica’s Central Valley on alert after Turrialba volcano becomes increasingly active

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From The Independent UK

The volcano’s constant eruptions are sending plumes of ash in to the sky

Costa Rica has declared a state of emergency for a major area of the country including the capital of San Jose following the constant eruptions of ash from one of its largest volcanos, according to AFP.

“For several days now volcano Turrialba has had continual eruptions marked by the constant expulsion of ash,” the National Emergencies Commission (CNE) said in a statement. 

The newswire reported Costa Rica declared the state of emergency after ash erupting from the Turrialba volcano forced international flights to be postponed for a day.

The CNE issued a green alert covering the central valley of Costa Rica where around 70 per cent of the country’s population lives.

Turrialba is 10,960ft tall and stretches over an area of 190 miles. In 2014 it sent ash plumes of 5.8km into the air, marking its biggest eruption since 1866.

The increase of ash-fall in the area over the past two weeks has been blamed on a combination of the constant volcanic eruptions, the chance of rain having been reduced by a dry weather system over Central America and strong winds, according to a statement from Casa Presidential, Tico Times reported. 

The ash clouds erupting from Turrialba are only 500 metres in height, but the strong winds are blowing it across the Central Valley.

The CNE has told municipal emergency commissions to be on alert and to monitor the reports of ash fall in the area. It has said that people should wash vegetables before eating them and to ensure they sweep ash from roofs and streets, and to cover their noses and mouths when outside in areas where ash is falling.

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