September 16, 2021

Cool Architecture

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The coolest works of architecture in the world Part 1

By Will Heilpern and Chloe Pantazi From Business Insider

The world has so many incredible buildings that it can be hard to know which are truly above the rest.

For those who want to brush up on their architecture knowledge, we’ve compiled a ranking of the 100 coolest buildings and structures on the planet.

These include old and new pieces of architecture all over the world, including museums, wineries, religious spaces, skyscrapers, transportation hubs, hotels, and more.

From a grand, intricately designed historic palace in Spain to a tiny chapel that blends into the Arizona desert, here are [the first 10] of our top 100:

100. The slide-like Urbis building in Manchester, UK, contains a National Football Museum.
Marina J /

99. The bizarre-looking Vodafone Headquarters in Portugal shrugs off the conventional straight lines you might expect from a corporate entity.

98. The remains of St. Andrew’s Cathedral in Scotland provide a haunting setting for a brisk walk.
Julietphotography /

97. The Triangeln station in Malmö, Sweden, looks more like a portal into the future than a train.
Susanne Nilsson/Flickr

96. The playful Dunmore Pineapple building in Scotland has been entertaining visitors since its creation in 1761.
Creative Nature Media /

95. The Grand Lisboa in Macau, China is one of many casino hotels in the region, but no other gambling hall is nearly as flashy.
george photo cm /

94. At 387 feet, Scandic Victoria Tower — designed by architect Gert Wingårdh — is the tallest building in Stockholm. The tower’s stunning facade, comprised of mismatched mirrors, reflects the sky.
Balazs Szanto/Flickr

93. Argentina’s top government building, the Casa Rosada, in Buenos Aires, is reportedly painted pink to soothe tensions between the country’s opposing political parties: the red of the Federales, mixed with the white of the Unitarians.
Guillermo Bsas /

92. The Seagram Building in the heart of New York City is both conventional and unique, epitomising the virtues of modernism.
london road/Flickr

91. The Aqueduct of Segovia in central Spain was built by the Roman Empire in the 1st century and dominates the central square.
Ernesto Laura/Flickr

For more on this story go to:–designed-by-architect-gert-wingrdh-is-the-tallest-building-in-stockholm-the-towers-stunning-facade-comprised-of-mismatched-mirrors-reflects-the-sky-7

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