November 26, 2020

Competitive tender bids for port and no boat fees for T&BL boat owners

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CaymanTenderWharfA full open competitive tender bid for the cruise port facilities in George Town, Grand Cayman was confirmed by Tourism Minister, Hon. Cline Glidden, at the Thursday (7) Press Briefing. He said it would be open to all of the cruise lines that have expressed an interest in partnering with government on the port as well as developers.

Admitting that the cruise lines would be in a more advantageous position than the developers, Government has spoken to the United Kingdom’s (UK) Foreign and Commonwealth Office, who had acknowledged that the solution for the cruise port development might lie outside traditional methods.

They had indicated as long as there was an open and competitive tender following international best practice and the project moved forward following local procurement legislation and requirements demonstrating value for money, it would be a decision for the Cayman Islands government and not the UK.

Glidden also said the commercial boat owners had been caught up erroneously in the new boat fees introduced recently on luxury vessels.

“Commercial operators were not intended to be caught up in the new tax net,” the Minister said. “The possession of a Trade and Business Licence for commercial boat owners should have been sufficient to ensure they were not charged the fee.

“There should have been a clearer specific exemption carved out for boats that are being used in a business operation. Government is now dealing with the issue.”

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