June 22, 2021

Commercial Restaurant Cleaning services Miami

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Every successful restaurant, cafe, or any other institution should take care of the cleanliness criteria. The first thing customers can pay attention to is the dirty floor, rubbish on tables, untidy staff clothes. These are hardly good conditions for a pleasant pastime.

Cleanliness is an element of quality service. Every institution should take care of this.

Shen Cleaning” Company

«Shen Cleaning» Company offers to clean restaurants not on your own, but to entrust it to professionals.The cleaning company has been operating on the European market for more than 14 years.

The main goal is to improve the cleaning process using modern technologies. The team of specialists will carry out professional commercial restaurant cleaning Miami and other premises of the institution and will become a reliable partner.

In addition “Shen Cleaning” :

  • combines quality cleaning with innovative technologies. The company unites modern equipment and a high level of service for each client.
  • has a team of highly qualified staff, who have completed special courses and constantly improve their skills.
  • works only with safe cleaning products. Safe liquids are used and do not cause allergic reactions and do not harm children and animals. All of them correspond to the European Standards.
  • uses modern equipment. New technology helps to work quickly and qualitatively.
  • adapts to the working schedule of the institution, cleaning is possible at any convenient time. The team provides services not only in the daytime.
  • individual approach to each client. All wishes are taken into account.
  • guarantees quality and offers affordable prices.

Ways of cleaning by “Shen Cleaning”

The cleaning company adheres to all quality standards and requirements. All premises are kept as clean as possible and sanitary conditions are monitored.

The process of cleaning dining rooms and kitchens from fat has its peculiarities. Degreasing of cooking surfaces and other equipment requires professional means and technologies.

The number of present people during the cleaning process depends on the degree of contamination, the size of the room and the urgency of the service ordered.

Cleaning of fast food and other institutions by «Shen Cleaning» professionals is divided into two types:

  1. Clear-out. It will be carried out throughout the restaurant, may include moving furniture. A large number of staff may participate in the process. All possible contaminants are cleaned using machinery and detergents. All liquids are easily removed from the surfaces and leave no traces.
  2. Daily cleaning. It doesn’t require a lot of staff. Includes wet cleaning and dusting. This service can be ordered regularly at the same time.

What kind of premises do the specialists clean?

Not only restaurants, but also cafés, fast-food restaurants can order services, court-cleaning is also possible.

«Shen Cleaning» cleans:

  • Kitchen (oven, fryer and other equipment)
  • Toilet rooms (disinfection)
  • Foyer
  • Lobbies
  • Canteens
  • Pubs
  • Manager’s office
  • Lounges.

The cleaning process may include cleaning of other rooms or surrounding areas.

What does cleaning involve?

On a daily basis, professionals may:

  • Clean blinds and wash windows.
  • Wipe the table surfaces from dust or other contaminants.
  • Clean furniture and carpets.
  • Perform deep cleaning of kitchen equipment.
  • Do wet floor cleaning.
  • Disinfect toilet rooms.
  • Clean the lobby, foyer and bar.
  • Empty and disinfect garbage bins.

Choose «Shen Cleaning» services!

The company employs only professionals. By choosing “Shen Cleaning” the client gets a reliable partner and a cleaning contractor.

Only modern equipment and safe cleaning products are used here. The company takes care of the health of its customers and the environment. If you want to get quality cleaning of your restaurant – contact «Shen Cleaning». Here you can find specialists with experience, who work using professional equipment. Go to the site “Shen Cleaning” to order a service. If you have any questions, the manager will consult and give you an answer. Order a cleaning service for your restaurant right now and get a discount!

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