July 1, 2022

CNCF launches double album featuring Cayman Islands Folk Singers and North Side Kitchen Band

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Last week, the Cayman National Cultural Foundation launched its latest album of Caymanian folk music, this one featuring The Cayman Islands Folk Singers and North Side Kitchen Band. The launch party for the double CD—called Come Back Home—took place on Thursday, 16 August at Grand Old House, and was attended by about 200 people, including Hon. Deputy Governor Franz Manderson, Speaker of the House McKeeva Bush (the original patron of the CI Folk Singers), Hon. Acting Minister for Health, Environment, Culture & Housing Joseph Hew, Mrs. Nancy Barnard, Deputy Chief Officer, Ministry of Health, Environment, Culture & Housing and members of the North Side Kitchen Band.

Attendees enjoyed music by Pa’lante Jazz Band during the cocktail reception and were entertained by the CI Folk Singers throughout the dinner portion of the evening. The album is on sale for $15 at the CNCF office.

This album follows CNCF’s previous successful release of Traditional Music of the Cayman Islands – with ‘Aunt’ Julia Hydes, and Radley Gourzong and the Happy Boys.

Quote from Hon. Joseph (Joey) Hew MLA, Acting Minister for Health, Environment, Culture & Housing:

This album “Come Home” showcases the rich heritage of the Cayman Islands and holds true to our oral traditions, by telling the story of the Cayman Islands and its people through music.

The album also rings true with the vision and spirit of the Culture and Heritage Policy and Strategic Plan, which is to “safeguard our heritage, and live our culture”; and everyone who has had a hand in bringing this album to fruition has helped to drive the vision of the policy forward

Through this album we are able to honour our past, share the knowledge of our forefathers, foster intergenerational dialogue, and last but certainly not least, highlight and showcase the wonderful talent and creative expression of the arts and culture community.

For Caymanian and future generations of Caymanians it serves as a way to connect with their heritage, and for new and transient residents it serves as a way to learn about and appreciate our unique heritage and how it shapes our current culture. Congratulations to everyone involved for bringing this gift to life.

Quote from Henry Muttoo – Artistic Director, CNCF:

It is necessary to preserve our folk music; we need to remove these songs from ‘behind the breadfruit tree’, where they were being obscured from the imagination of our young people, and bring them centre stage for all to enjoy,” said CNCF Artistic Director, Dr. Henry Muttoo. “This album is a collector’s item and a must-have for any person who is a fan of Cayman’s musical culture and history. We celebrate the contributions that these two groups have made to advancing the Cayman story.

I was quite pleasantly surprised by the attendance last evening and, more so, at the number of dignitaries who attended and spoke highly and heartfelt about culture and the arts. I see them now, employing their considerable sway in government circles and public affairs to endorse the work of CNCF. I see them not remaining silent about our work. I see them convincing others of the necessity of the work CNCF has done and is doing. I see them being passionate about the need for adequate funding for CNCF and arts, heritage, and culture development and preservation. And I long for the day when those artists, who have proven their worth through works of calibre and who wish to pursue an idea, will receive concessions, in the same manner that businesses receive concessions because, while it is true that businesses and economic development are necessary to grow the country, so are the arts and culture necessary in the building of a creative, disciplined whose existence is rooted in substance and not rhetoric.

For more information about the Come Back Home launch party and to purchase tickets, contact CNCF on 949.5477 or email [email protected]

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