April 21, 2021

Classic wooden toys

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Classic wooden toys turn modern with innovative designs, functions

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The latest models balance simplicity with smart and educational features.

Source: Kipod Toys
Throughout history, wooden toys have stood the test of time. Many models, including yo-yos, tops, rocking horses, musical instruments and various blocks, are still in demand today, while other classic and old-fashioned versions are making comebacks recently.

Today, wood is still primarily used to manufacture toys, albeit with a modern and more elegant twist. Latest models combine simplicity with innovation, fusing fun shapes and colors with smart and educational features, and versatility.

One example is the app-enabled Avakai doll, a handmade toy that employs Bluetooth and motion sensor technology to interact with the user via sounds, light and haptic feedback. It is meant to lessen screen time for children and encourage physical playtime.

Kipod toys, meanwhile, nurture the user’s love for unique creations and DIY. Kits let children build and decorate from scratch a variety of animals, creatures and even furniture such as tables and chairs. Tegu, on the other hand, are built with magnets inside, allowing gravity-defying results.

As regards materials, Milaniwood uses environment-friendly wood obtained from sustainable forests.

Most of its toys are multifunctional, serving as pen holders and teaching tools. An example is the Makemaki toy, which helps children learn their fractions, as well as how to use chopsticks properly.

IMAGE: Avakai smart toy. Source: Kickstarter

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