November 30, 2020

CITA members not members of CHTA can use free marketing opportunity

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Caribbean TAFrom Cayman Islands Tourism Association (CITA)

The Caribbean Hotel and Travel Association has a website at and they are offering NON-MEMBERS the opportunity to create a FREE listing on their website. Please see the notice sent to CHTA members this morning – but you can be listed even if not a CHTA member.

Take advantage of the great marketing opportunity.

Message that was sent out this morning.


Dear CHTA Member

On February 28th the new regional website will be launched and officially goes live at a press conference in New York. All CHTA member hotels are entitled to list their property at no charge – and only member hotels will be displayed, allowing a click through to the hotel’s  own website  further enhancing the value to our member hotels. Please take advantage of this new member benefit.

To take a ‘sneak peek’ preview of the new site, please log on to and take a test drive; we encourage you to do so..

If you have not already loaded your data – this is not just a text listing, it includes up to 11 pictures, videos, your social media links and “Specials” – then please click through this link create your user name and password and follow the instructions (there is a help desk available if you need assistance [email protected] ).

If you are a consumer-facing tourism provider such as an attraction or restaurant, and either a CHTA member and/or a member of your local hotel association, you are also entitled to a free listing and can load your data via the same link above.

This is truly an excellent benefit for you as a CHTA member and I urge you to be proactive and load your hotel information so that when the site is launched on February 28 you will be able to reap the full benefits that will accrue to you.


Please note that while hotel listings on the new regional website are for CHTA members only, consumer facing Allied members of your association are also entitled to a free listing, irrespective of their CHTA status. Please would you therefore advise all your member restaurants, attractions, dive operators and ground tour operators, etc. that this marketing exposure is available to them at no charge and is an additional, new benefit of being a member of your association.

The website will be launched on February 28th, so please add your listing as soon as possible.


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