September 26, 2020

CIS hosts the Third Cayman Islands Model United Nations Conference


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The local Model United Nations conferences are expanding in both attendance and frequency. Returning teams from Cayman International School (), St Ignatius, and Triple C, as well as the newest participating school, Cayman Prep, took part in the half-day conference, CAY- II.V. This is the Cayman Islands’ third inter-school Model UN Conference which was held on April 4. It was hosted at CIS and they collaborated with Cayman Prep to prepare for the event.
The conference ran two committees, the General Assembly, and the Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA). Although the half-day format is new to CAY-MUN, which is usually a full day, the students embraced the challenge of trying to reach a resolution within just a few hours. Both committees successfully wrote, agreed and signed their resolutions before the end of the conference.
In the General Assembly, students worked to resolve the issue of safe access to education, particularly in the developing world. They discussed the issues many students face travelling long distances, often through dangerous areas, just to get an education. They aimed to find a workable solution among the member nations represented. In UNECA, the countries discussed the possibility of introducing a mandatory minimum wage for the continent, and whether that could be implemented and enforced without causing negative economic consequences.
All participants displayed excellent teamwork and cooperation. They considered issues of global significance with a degree of maturity and hard work that all their schools can be proud of. “It was great to see so many returning students from the schools who had participated before, and we look forward to seeing many of them again and new faces at future conferences”, commented Ms. Sarah Dyer, CIS teacher and CAY-MUN Coordinator.
CAY-MUN was launched in November 2015, as an on-island high school Model UN conference. It was designed for local students to experience an International Model UN conference, locally. It allows students to interact with their peers from other schools, and to work on their debate and negotiation skills. CAY-MUN prides itself in being student driven as it greatly encourages student leadership in both the planning and running of the conference.
In preparation for the conference, CIS and Prep students researched background information and created ‘how to’ guides for those who are new to the MUN experience. At the conference, the students took on the roles of chair and secretary of the dais to run each of the committees. The dais in each committee was made up of a mixed-school team, helping to encourage cooperation and collaboration, true to the spirit of the UN.
CAY-MUN III will return to the full day format during the next academic year, and will hopefully include even more schools from around the island. If school would like to get more information on how to get involved in the next conference, please contact [email protected]

Photo Descriptions

IMG_7039- Students who attended CAYMUN II.V, the third local Model United Nations Conference.
IMG_7003- The UNECA Committee
IMG_6971- The General Assembly
IMG_6977- The General Assembly Dias, (l to r) , Dani Scott from CIS, and , Matthew Penner from Prep.
IMG_7004- UNECA Dias, (l to r) Committee Chair, Romilly Miller from Prep, and Committee Secretary, Wray Sulliz from CIS.

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