September 21, 2020

CIMA issues two coins as part of the Royal Mint’s Commonwealth 25 Coin Collection


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Princess to Monarch_Coin 1 bookletGRAND CAYMAN (Monday, 22 December 2014) Just in time for the Christmas season, the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) has unveiled two coins as part of the Royal Mint’s Commonwealth 25 Coin Collection, celebrating the life of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as she moved from a young Princess to an experienced Monarch.

This 25 coin collection comprises 12 pairs of overseas coins plus one United Kingdom £5 coin.

The collection begins with a study of her early life and explores how the events of her pre-accession years formed her into the person she later became.

Princess-to-Monarch_Coin-1Twelve significant topics or events from her life were selected and each has been represented by two coins, each pair being issued from one of twelve different Commonwealth countries. Together the two coins will explain the link between an event in her early life and an achievement in her reign.

The Cayman Islands were assigned the topic “Endurance/Loyalty” as Her Majesty is recognised in the UK and the Commonwealth as having an enduring marriage through years of service to her country.

The two coins issued under the auspices of CIMA are under the heading “Prince Philip”. The Queen’s husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh has been an important influence in her life. She has described him as ‘her strength and stay’. Prince Philip is the longest serving royal consort, and the oldest ever Princess to Monarch_Coin 2 bookletspouse of a regnant queen.

The first Prince Philip coin design depicts Princess Elizabeth with her new husband whilst on honeymoon at Romsey, Hampshire.

The Second Prince Philip coin depicts the Royal couple around the occasion of their diamond wedding anniversary in 2007.

Each coin bears the portrait of HRM Queen Elizabeth II with the denomination (Five Dollars) and the words “Cayman Islands” is on the obverse side.

A limited amount of 25 coins per design are now available for local sales at a sale price of CI$89.65. Each Princess-to-Monarch_Coin-2coin comes with a special Princess to Monarch information card from the Royal Mint.

For more information on obtaining these coins, please contact the CIMA Currency Division on the ground floor of the Government Administration Building, 133 Elgin Avenue, between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., at extension 244-1596, or by email at [email protected].


Princess to Monarch_Coin 1 Princess to Monarch_Coin 1 booklet

Princess to Monarch_Coin 2 Princess to Monarch_Coin 2 booklet




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