July 4, 2020

CI Humane Society News


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Earlier this week, the CIHS announced that shelter was closed to new admissions due to the overcrowding.  This is still the case whilst efforts are made to reduce the numbers of animals to acceptable levels for the Shelter staff and the animals themselves.  The clear message from all quarters is that the long term issue is the management of the Islands animal population.  That message has to be “SPAY AND NEUTER”!  The CIHS have been involved in and are developing initiatives to encourage owners of dogs and cats to have their animals spayed and neutered, and one of these is the partnership with long time supporter of CIHS, Cost U Less highlighted below.  This is a start, thank you to all the offers of help this week and support we have received in addressing these problems

936464_10200587620585807_1806147517_nThere is no limit to how far our furry friends go?  Not so long ago, handsome Chedder was a resident on the cat room.  This latest photograph (see attachment) shows him at ease on the rooftop covered with snow!  Chedder’s future is now Germany, thank you to Stefanie Borgwardt for sharing this stunning photograph.


And this is Rubi (see attachment) who left the Island this week to go to Canada for adoption, thanks to Joanne Mercille.  Already taking in the breathtaking lakeside walks, reported to have been a star on the trip up.  As Joanne commented, the grass is greener – at least until the snow comes!

946278_450342485043171_1869217113_nbdae91And another…… This is Travis who became a wedding present to Maria and Mark this week, renamed Luca and traded the CIHS kennel for a very comfortable home in Boston.  Maria and Mark came to walk the dogs during their stay in Cayman, fell in love with Luca and he is one lucky dog.  Thank you to everyone who made this happen, and best wishes Maria and Mark in your new life together. (see attachment)

F1_race_dayAre you into Motor Racing?  The Formula 1 season is here again, and the Formula 1 Fans of the Cayman Islands meet every race day to watch that days Grand Prix together.  The next three races will benefit the CI Humane Society, so why not join them at the Lone Star Bar and Grill on West Bay Road. (full details on attachment)

524836_448099178600835_1739148118_nPETAPALOOZA is on Saturday 1st June 2013 at Grand Harbour 2pm to Midnight

Starting at 2pm on 1 June, 2013 on the patio area outside Sail Inn at Grand Harbour, the event runs until midnight, come rain or shine. It includes performances by Clever Knots, Business Time, Suite Elite, Suckerbox, Backbeat Band, Shedden, Zipper Envy, Red White Blues, Special Guest and Inverse, all of whom are giving their time free to support the Cayman Islands Humane Society.  During the daytime there will be additional attractions for families, including fairground-style games and activities available from 2pm, then after 6pm the entertainment starts.  And the shelter dogs will be there.

Butterfield_donationTHANK YOU

Butterfield Bank Ltd for your donation!

We are very grateful, especially to their Marketing Officer, Rebecca Ebanks taking the time to bring the donation to the shelter herself. Pictured here with Janette, and visiting our cat room.

Long time supporters, THANK YOU PWC and your staff for spending the afternoon at the shelter last Friday.  All the dogs were walked, which is a great help to the staff and we do know the dogs 215238_450341148376638_140243072_n_2_appreciate the time out.  If you have a company charity day, please consider the Humane Society where it will always make a difference.



Don’t forget the Garage Sale on June 1st Kirk Supermarket Parking Lot. See attachmentDMS_gives_back_sale



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