November 28, 2020

Christmas Morning of Yesterday

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Cayman Christmas Scene

It was no ordinary Christmas morning for me

As I opened the bedroom door to have a peep

Just so excited and eager for the sun to rise

So I could quickly claim my Santa surprise

So quietly I closed the bedroom door

Returning to my bedroom as I said before

Just a minute or two to go I said

I wouldn’t even go near the bed

As the excitement started to build in my mind

Just wondering what toy I would get, what I would find

It seemed like hours and hours had past

When suddenly I heard the sound of music at last

It was sweet music coming from a small band

As they walked into our garden of all white sand

Playing their maracas, guitars, drum and saxophone

We all sat on the porch rail and joined in the tune

Now this was Christmas morning of yesterday

And I wouldn’t have it any other way

With James Thomas, Willard Connor, Delhart and Elon Parrs

No need for other musicians to come from afar

When they would sing Glory, Glory, Hallelujah

It made the hairs on my head start to crawl

And the hip, hip, hurrahs came from under their lungs

No complaints from anyone as they joined in the song

They sang England got the money and Jamaica got the rum

That was their favourite marching song

And with another hip, hip, hip, hurrah

They marched on their Merry Christmas way

As I looked in the living room to find my toy

I was so excited and so full of joy

Not knowing exactly what I would find

I really can’t explain what was on my mind

And guess what I found that charmed me so much

A big brown teddy bear so soft to touch

I hugged it and kissed it and cuddled it too

It’s was what I’d longed for all the year through

I never had a teddy bear before just a dolly I think

She had a lovely smile on her face and eyes that winked

I cuddled that doll both night and day

And loved her in a very special way

Back to the living room and to the gifts on the floor

Was this big cuddly teddy bear really mine for sure

‘It’s yours all yours’ my mother said with glee

‘Take it as a gift from Santa and me’

Our neighbor played Christmas Carols all year round

From her Victrola came a real familiar sound

And whilst Hark the Herald Angels were singing

Above and beyond the Church Bells were ringing

They were calling us to celebrate Christmas morn

This was the day the Christ Child was born

We sang ‘Away in a Manger no Crib for a Bed

The little Lord Jesus lay down His Sweet Head’

So off to Church you should have seen us walking

As we shared all our thoughts laughing and talking

New dress and shoes was the usual trend

We were hoping the day would never end

 But it did – Yesterday …. A long time ago!

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