September 22, 2021

Christmas Message from Jo & Co

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Colin & Joan

We wish all our family, friends and especially you – OUR READERS – a most blessed, happy, merry, and above all, a sick free CHRISTMAS.

Make sure you find opportunity to spend quality time together with your family and loved ones. If you cannot, and we know many of you will not be able due to the coronavirus, use the many other ways to communicate – social media, Zoom, etc. – even the telephone! The very best present this year is to be able to be physically together. Don’t squander it..

Remember, also, Christmas is the time to honour the birthday of Jesus Christ. On someone’s birthday they are honoured and get gifts of presents. What presents are we giving Him? Jesus is our Lord and Saviour.

Christmas is the beginning of a true classic story that contains all the right ingredients: love, joy, peace, celebration, salvation, reconciliation, and goodwill. That should be our gift to Him. The little baby in the manger is none other than God Himself and He entered human history to provide the solution to our problem of salvation.

Here, in the Cayman Islands, we are living a mainly normal life with none of the lock-downs and hardships the large majority of the world is currently suffering. We must all give thanks to God for that!!!

Even if you don’t believe in Jesus, the virgin birth and/or do not understand it, He has a message for every one of us. It is PEACE and above all LOVE.

And it is with thanks to HIM, and all of you. iNews has had its best year by far. Last month we achieved our record number of hits. Next year, on April 1st iNews will be TEN years old.

This birthday, though, will be nothing compared to Christmas. In the heart of every man, woman, and child the Spirit of Christ is saying in a silent but undeniable way, “Seek Me and you will find Me”.

THANK YOU. From Jo & Co. iEye News.

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