October 25, 2020

Christmas meat – Cayman Islands Abattoir Services advisory


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51136In anticipation of a high seasonal demand for fresh local beef, pork and other meat, the Department of Agriculture (DoA) reminds ranchers and farmers of the process for using its abattoir services – especially before the traditional Christmas rush.

December is the busiest time of the year for this service, which is offered at the DoA compound in . Animal-owners should follow the appropriate protocols for butchering meat, which is done free of cost, inclusive of delivery to the specified supermarkets or butcher shops.

To use the DoA’s abattoir service, bookings must be made during November, by calling 947-3090. Callers must provide their names, the types and numbers of livestock to be slaughtered, and the preferred dates and locations to which the dressed meat will be delivered by DoA staff.

However, the “fifth-quarter” parts, such as feet, liver and kidneys, must be collected from the abattoir by the client on the day of the slaughter.

Animals delivered for intended slaughter should be well-rested beforehand, and must be brought to the abattoir at least six hours before the scheduled slaughter.
As an example of the scope of the national abattoir service, during December 2015 147 animals were slaughtered at the DoA facility (70 cattle, 43 pigs and 34 goats).

Apart from the DoA’s abattoir service, farmers who will butcher in their respective communities are reminded that the Department of must be informed and involved beforehand (telephone 949-6696).

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