December 2, 2020

Christmas is in the air

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Oh, but it’s beautiful this time of year,

There’s singing and a lot of parties everywhere.

Happy shoppers are buying gifts galore

As the shops keep stocking more and more.

The lights are hung and shining bright

They’re every colour and make a gorgeous sight.

Programmes in the church telling the story of Jesus’ birth

And how he brought good tidings, and peace to earth.

Here, in Cayman, there’s so much warmth and laughter,

Everyone seems to know just what they’re after.

I need a nice dress for the part tonight

And if I buy a new dress for Jack, we’ll look all right.

And Jessie, who is just two years old,

Will like her new swing and a doll to hold.

There’s a lot of cooking for us poor moms to do,

I don’t know if we’ll ever get through.

And, then we’re expected to look our best

When we walk into the parties so finely dressed.

I really don’t know how we manage to do it

But we do it every year as though there’s nothing to it.

And, you know folks; I think we enjoy it all:

The gift giving, the partying and having a ball.

And going to church on that beautiful Christmas morn

To hear that wonderful story of when Christ was born.

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