December 2, 2020

Christmas Day at Boatswain Bay

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Boatswain Bay Presbyterian Church celebrated Christmas Day with both a Cantata, from the adult choir and a drama presentation from the children.

The service began with newlyweds Annie and Dillion Ebanks lighting the Advent candle, a symbol of the hope and Joy that Christmas brings into the world.

It was the children who helped bring that story to life with their drama skit, with “What Gift Will You Bring?”

It was a Nativity play, with a twist – all the costumes and props had a Cayman-of-yesteryear theme, with the children dressed in traditional Cayman outfits, complete with silver thatch-work hats. There was a scene at a Cayman market, too where each of the children decided what gift they were going to bring the baby Jesus from a selection of Cayman fruits and vegetables.

The play was narrated by Jenae Whittaker. Sherena Anglin played Mary, Nicky Sanchez as Joseph, and Victoria Ebanks as the Angel Gabriel. Christopher Bustillo played the part of the drummer boy.

Another scene from the play also depicted Cayman’s past, with  Cayman turtlers played by Rory Barrett, Emmanuel Tomkins and Nicholas Ritch.

After the drama skit, more than 40 children entertained proud parents, siblings and friends in the congregation with a selection of favourite Christmas poetry recitations including “That First Christmas” recited by Javari Dixon, “Just a Jesus Baby” recited by Iyanna Bennett, and “Jesus Loves Me” from Roman Rivers-Berry, to name just a few.

Next, bases, tenors, altos and sopranos all came together in perfect harmony for the adult choir’s cantata, “Mary Did You Know?”

It was a Christmas musical box, filled to the brim with timeless songs and carols, such as “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing”, “Angels from the Realms of Glory”, “Away in a Manger” and of course the title song, “Mary Did You Know?”

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