July 24, 2021

Christmas crashes on the up

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Three times as many minor road crashes have taken place over the past few days than normal, prompting police to issue a reminder to drivers to take more care on the roads.

“Normally we see around three minor road crashes a day, but over the past few days we’ve sometimes seen as many as ten,” said Chief Inspector Robert Scotland. “Drivers are just not paying attention to the road or weather conditions.

“We’re still seeing people ignore the speed limits, tailgate and, despite the fact that using cell phones whilst driving will soon be illegal, people are not changing their driving habits and believe that they can safely multi-task when driving. It’s only when they get involved in a crash that they realise how much damage that lack of focus and concentration can cause. Fortunately the majority of the crashes have been non-injury, but the next driver who doesn’t concentrate on what he or she is doing may not be so lucky!”

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