December 2, 2020

Christmas Cracker – Personal Safety Week

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Personal Safety is this week’s theme in the RCIPS holiday safety initiative – Operation Christmas Cracker.

Throughout the week officers from the RCIPS will be visiting community groups to provide personal safety tips and advice to help people stay safe during the festive season.

Chief Inspector Angelique Howell, the operational commander of Christmas Cracker, said: “During the festive season people go out more and in many cases they drink a bit more than usual. We would urge everyone to be responsible and be safety conscious. The aim of this week’s activity is to reinforce the simple, common sense, steps that people can take to stay safe and crime free. But remember, this advice should be followed every day and night of the year, not just for Christmas!”

The advice from the RCIPS is as follows:

  • Always let someone know where you are going – and when you will be back.
  • Always carry your cell phone and stay in touch.
  • If you are driving to and from an event, park in a well-lit area.
  • Always socialise in a group, never alone.
  • Never leave drinks unattended.
  • If you are drinking alcohol make sure you have a designated driver.
  • Never hitchhike or accept a ride from a stranger.
  • If someone makes an unwelcome approach to you do not become aggressive. Confidently and authoritatively tell him/ her to back off and leave you alone.
  • If the situation escalates call for help.
  • If you feel the need, take a self defence class. There are many reputable instructors in the Cayman Islands offering classes at reasonable rates.

If you wish to speak to an officer about personal safety concerns, please contact your nearest police station. More personal safety advice can be found on the RCIPS website –

Operation Christmas Cracker began on 28 November 2011 and will run until 4 January 2012. This comprehensive safety drive will cover road safety, personal safety, home and business security and safety at sea. All of the aforementioned subjects will be aggressively targeted throughout the five week period, but for media information purposes each week will adopt a specific theme.


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