October 21, 2020

Chinese workers helping build the new road to Costa Rica’s Caribbean


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By Isabella Foster Villanueva From Costa Rican Times

– 105 Chinese workers have come to Costa Rica to expand the road to the . At least 160 more will come in the next few months. The CHEC company is responsible for the work.

These workers live together in a camp set up by the company. There they are provided with meals from their home country and personal care items such as toothbrushes, toilet paper and bug repellent. All the signs are in mandarin there. They have access to Chinese news.

There are installations to play badminton or basketball, work out in a small gym, and wash clothes on free time. They sometimes visit touristic spots on weekends.

The workers have stated that they like the nature in Costa Rica, the greenery and the clear skies. They are afraid of mosquito borne diseases. When asked about what they don’t like they pointed to the slow pace of work by and the institutions here.

For example, their contract was awarded in 2013 and Conavi still has no idea how many expropriations are needed and how much the acquisitions will cost. Approvals and even simply requesting documents takes forever.

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