September 21, 2020

Children’s Art Day Camp at the Brac sure to excite


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The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands will host, for the fifth year running, an Art Day Camp on Cayman Brac on 28 July. The camp, to be held at the Heritage House, is open to children of all ages and provides an opportunity for budding young artists to learn from two very successful Caymanian talents. This year, husband and wife team Randy and Nasaria Cholette will host the camp.

The children will be treated to a music and poetry session and an art workshop based on natural elements the children find on the beach. In the evening, families are invited to hear from the artists and enjoy an exhibition of the children’s work.

Brac born Simone Scott represents the National Gallery on the Sister Islands and has organised this year’s event. A multi-award winning artist herself, Simone opened YFE Art Gallery at the Brac Craft shop NIM Things, and she is looking forward to again seeing the Brac play host to an arts event, particularly an event which will benefit the children of Cayman Brac.

Education Manager Eme Paschalides says, “we are delighted to bring art to the children who cannot come to us in Grand Cayman. Randy and Nasaria will teach these children to ‘see’, by finding the artistic potential of simple elements available to them everywhere and every day. Also perhaps, more importantly, the children will learn that what we cannot see is infinitely more important than what we can see”.

Artist and musician, Randy Cholette is a prominent person in the Cayman arts scene. His work ranges from realistic to abstract, covering such themes as spirituality, landscape, cultural artefacts and political statements. His most recent works are on display at the Ritz Carlton. Nasaria has a Master’s Degree in Educational Theatre and has exhibited in a number of exhibitions, with one of her works featuring in the National Gallery’s permanent collection.

Registration is now open for the camp which is free of charge.

For information contact Simone in Cayman Brac on 9395306 or email her at [email protected]


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