July 29, 2021

Children’s smiles for Santa light up West Bay

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The smiles on the faces of the children of West Bay lit up the night sky as Father Christmas came to town.

Instead of his sleigh pulled by reindeer, Santa Claus arrived in a convertible muscle car much to the delight of all the youngsters packed into the police station car park.

And the special guest had trouble getting through the crowd as the youngsters mobbed the man in the red suit from the second he got there.
The event was organised by community police officer PC Sharon Baillie who said the help provided by the people of West Bay was key to making the party a success.

RCIPS Commissioner David Baines also joined in the fun along with Chief Inspector Richard Barrow.

PC Baillie said: “All in all we gave away more than 200 presents to the children and everyone went home happy.

“There are so many people who helped make this a very special day with their generosity and kindness, but I would particularly like to thank Rackam’s Bar and Restaurant and Dolphin Cove at Morgan’s Harbour.

“A lot of work and effort went into organising the party but just to see the smiles on the faces of the children when they met Santa Claus made it all worthwhile.”

Commissioner Baines added: “Events like this show how strong the relationship is between the community and the police.
“PC Baillie and everyone who has helped put this party on deserve a huge amount of praise for all their hard work and effort.”

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