September 20, 2020

Chief Officer at Ministry of Health admits refusal of some persons to take part in survey


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Jennifer Ahearn, Chief Officer at the Ministry of Health, admitted at a press conference, last Monday (25) that officials who are currently undertaking an ongoing health risk survey, which selects households and those to be interviewed in each household randomly, had met with some problems amounting to outright refusals in some cases. A number of persons had not been at home when the selected person had been visited.

“You cannot substitute,” Ms Ahearn said, meaning that other family members cannot volunteer to do the survey instead of a relative. “They have had some issues with getting call backs,” Ms Ahearn added.

As a result it is going to take longer for the information to be gathered. Information that is critical, Ms Ahearn emphasised.

“If you are selected please do participate. The results are completely confidential” she said. “I know there is some concern and speculation about what we are going to do with the data, who we are going to give it to, and whether it can be identified as being your data. You will get the information for you, but once aggregated it will be aggregated confidentially.”

The first ever health survey of its kind, began in May and will continue through into July.

Some preliminary results and indictors will be revealed at this year’s National Health Conference that will be held on 18-20 October at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman, but the full results are not expected until November.

Among the speakers at the conference will be medical blogger and radio host of “Health in 30”, Barbara Ficarra. Cynthia Hastings-James, the cofounder of Cookson James Loyalty, which aims to change the face of healthcare in Canada, is also slated to be one of the speakers.

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