October 21, 2020

Chief Justice appointed to International Judicial Committee


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Chief Justice Anthony Smellie at the recent opening of the legal year

Chief Justice Anthony Smellie has been appointed to serve on a committee of INSOL International, a world-wide federation of national associations for judges, accountants, lawyers and other insolvency professionals that specialises in corporate turnaround and insolvency.

The Chief Justice will serve on the Judicial Steering Committee, which will report to the Executive Committee of INSOL International on the furtherance of the work of the Judicial Colloquia of INSOL International.

This follows last year’s address by the Chief Justice to the Ninth Multinational Judicial Colloquium, attended by some 80 judges drawn from 40 countries, and by a large number of insolvency professionals from around the globe.

The judicial colloquium was part of a larger conference taking place in Singapore and jointly organized by INSOL, the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL), and the World Bank.

When he addressed last year’s judicial colloquium, the Chief Justice spoke on Cayman’s emphasis on adherence to international standards for resolving cross-border insolvency problems, and its cooperative thrust in that regard.

The full UNCITRAL/INSOL/World Bank conference was attended by a large corps of insolvency professionals, for whom these activities form part of a wider programme of continuing education.  INSOL is a global accrediting body for insolvency professionals.

Chief Justice Smellie commenced his new judicial steering committee role last Thursday (26 January), when he joined his colleagues around the world for a conference call with the other organizers on the next INSOL Conference and Judicial Colloquium.  These events will take place in The Hague, Netherlands, in May 2013.

Other responsibilities in the judicial steering committee will include building cross-border communication among judges, and advising on other matters of particular concern to the judiciary in different jurisdictions.


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