September 17, 2021

Champeon unleashes his ‘J’ouvert Powers’

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Columbia, South Carolina (Sonique Solutions) – Even with no physical Carnivals set for 2021, Caribbean entertainer Champeon is paying tribute to the annual festival tradition of J’ouvert with his latest musical release appropriately titled “J’ouvert Powers”.

The T&T-born, South Carolina-based Champeon, real name Ronnel Ramirez, describes his new track as the musical vehicle for transporting J’ouvert lovers back to that fun, energetic state of spiritual euphoria which is usually experienced when partaking in the early morning pre-Carnival ritual.

J’ouvert Powers which features pulsating bass lines and percussions alongside eerie synthesizer melodies and electronic effects was written by Champeon and produced by Jelani Harris of Studio 23 Music Group Studio.

To deliver the J’ouvert effect Champeon channelled his Caribbean roots to deliver the song’s infectious lyrics with influence from Trinbagonian Rapso artistes and Grenadian Jab Jab performers.

He shared, “I created a song that reminds people that no matter where in the world we are, J’ouvert as well as fetes and mas help us to celebrate life. To me the history of this tradition should always be a significant part of the Carnival culture. As a Trini, the spirit of J’ouvert runs in my blood and to me it is the best part of the season. It was always a huge part of me growing up, so now as an adult and as an artiste I can express my love for it musically.”

For Champeon, the goal is to have this ‘dutty mas ditty’ in rotation for years to come for fans of the festival to enjoy whether in their homes, cars, on the radio, at virtual fetes or eventually during in-person events in the post-Covid era.

Regardless, Champeon plans to continuously release and perform various genres of music and aspires to try his hand at professional event hosting in the near future.

He remains thankful to the public for supporting him and his music and encourages music fans to check out his website and to follow him and subscribe to all his social media platforms.

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