June 28, 2022

Chamber to launch Cayman Clean initiative

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Launch of the Chamber of Commerce Cayman Clean initiative. 

Cayman Clean 2019


Thursday 3 October, 2019


11am – 12pm


Smith’s Barcadere


The Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce “Cayman Clean” Launch

Representatives from The Chamber of Commerce and Cayman Islands Government will be introducing Cayman’s anti-littering initiative. The first of a series of custom-made trash receptacles will be placed and unveiled at the event to officially launch the Cayman Clean project.


Chris Kirkconnell (President of the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce)

Hon. Dwayne Seymour (Minister of Health, Environment, Culture and Housing)


Each year volunteers and corporate sponsors join the Chamber of Commerce for the annual Earth Day Roadside and Beach Cleanup. The success of these annual cleanups has inspired The Chamber of Commerce to launch an initiative that addresses the problem of litter more consistently throughout the year. As a result, the Cayman Clean campaign was born.

Further Information:

In partnership with the Northward Prison Service rehabilitation unit, Cayman Clean has set about constructing attractive custom designed trash receptacles to be placed in locations across the island. The durable wooden structures have been designed and constructed by the prison workshop in partnership with Cox Lumber. With the support of The Department of Environmental Health and the Parks, Recreation and Cemeteries Unit, these receptacles will be placed in high foot traffic areas, or public areas where people gather socially. 

The first of these receptacles will be placed at Smith Barcadere on 3rd October 2019. The Chamber of Commerce President Chris Kirkconnell and other members of the Council will be joined by the Hon. Dwayne Seymour and other Government officials involved with the project.

To date, 10 more structures have been completed and are ready for placement.

About the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce

The Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce represents more than 650 businesses and associations across all industry sectors in the Cayman Islands. Its members employ over 18,000 persons or about 45% of the country’s labour force. The Chamber supports, promotes and protects the interests of its members and the public welfare and serves as a catalyst for positive change connecting community, business and government.

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