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Celebrity Chef gets NAKED in the Caribbean

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Jan 25, 2017, 10:25 ET

GOZO, Malta, Jan. 25, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Jamie Oliver can say goodbye to his self-acclaimed title: “The naked chef” because it’s just been taken literally by somebody else. The celebrity chef Mark Morales prepares, cooks and serves in his birthday suit on the transformational retreat NAKED. But he isn’t the only one. Participants of this unusual retreat are invited to drop all their stories, identities, dramas and clothes if they so will, to discover the bare truth about themselves in 7 powerful days.

“NAKED is radical soul stripping and far more than just taking clothes off,” says Dara Stara, co-founder of this unique and rather revealing way of personal transformation. Together with her partner and co-creator Simon Paul Sutton they have stripped down with many brave souls in retreats all over the world in the most outlandish ways to carve a new understanding of what it means to be real, raw and vulnerable. Using emotional release, neuroscience, yoga, silent and cathartic meditation, playfulness and sensuality, sharing circles and authentic communication, the retreat invites all those who yearn for aliveness and freedom from the chains of their past.

“It terrifies and excites people alike. And those courageous enough to move beyond their fears, have never regretted the discovery of their NAKED truth,” says Simon.

It’s too trendy these days to plaster positive thinking on top of our worries, insecurities and confusion. NAKED is an invitation to dive deep down into our wounds and bring a light to the shadows. Authentic connection to self and others is the highest currency on this retreat and out emerges a space of innocent playfulness that plunges participants into a place of pure bliss. Getting high on truth is the aim: no drugs, no alcohol, no stimulants, no gluten, no dairy – not even cellphones or computers! By stripping away modern day distractions and purifying diet, the group of courageous souls comes together into a space of true presence and realness. The financial model is just as confronting: The retreat has no price tag! (Other than the initial costs that pay for food and accommodation.) This leaves the attendees with an opportunity and responsibility to fund the facilitators with their self-valued, heart-felt contributions. “How can we know what NAKED will be worth to you, until you’ve experienced it? How can we put the price on anybody’s personal transformation? It may be 300 bucks for one, or 10 million for another,” says Simon. NAKED is liberation on all levels.

The next NAKED The Retreat is happening on the Caribbean Island Dominican Republic in March 20th-27th.

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