October 27, 2020

CCMI hosts events to mark World Ocean Day


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The Central Caribbean Marine Institute () invites friends of all ages to join in two exciting events – a March for the Ocean and a broadcast at the , on Saturday, 9th June 2018. While World Oceans Day is on 8th June annually, hosting these events on the Saturday will allow for greater participation and public awareness, and connects those in the Cayman Islands with people from around the world will also be taking part in the international March for the Ocean on the same day. Locally, CCMI has teamed up with Dart to celebrate our oceans, highlight the status of coral reefs and share ideas on how to work towards zero impact on our environment.

March for the Ocean

At 1pm, the celebrations will kick off with the March for the Ocean, which will start at Royal Palms on Seven Mile Beach. Participants are asked to wear colours of the sea and bring a handmade sign that states what they are marching for and why they think oceans are important. The short, 15-minute walk from Royal Palms, across The Rise and into Camana Bay is in support of common-sense changes and solutions to protect our oceans, which we depend upon for so much.

“The March for the Ocean is taking place around the world on June 9th,” states CCMI President and Director of Research & Conservation, Dr Carrie Manfrino. “This international awareness event highlights the urgency that the oceans should be protected from human impact. It is also exciting to know that we will not be alone in this effort; others around the world who share our passion for healthy oceans will also be marching on the same day.”

Reefs Go Live

The March for the Ocean will end at the Camana Bay Cinema, where registered participants will experience a special ‘live dive’ with educators and researchers in Little Cayman through CCMI’s new programme, Reefs Go Live. The broadcast will explore the topic ‘Can Coral Reefs Be Saved’, and the audience will be taken on a virtual underwater experience in Little Cayman. Explore coral reefs with
CCMI’s team and learn how everyone can do their part for zero impact on these special habitats. This broadcast is part of CCMI’s International Year of the Reef Lecture Series.

Dr Manfrino wants everyone to leave these events with the idea that their individual actions can help save coral reefs. “At CCMI, our Zero Impact on coral reefs campaign promotes how we can reduce our impact here in the Cayman Islands by becoming better divers, and also indirectly by using recyclable bags at the grocery stores and returning glass bottles. Everyone can do something to help. Working together, we can make a difference to our oceans.”

Attendees are encouraged to participate in both events, both of which are free and open to the public. Families are encouraged to participate.

Register online at https://donate.reefresearch.org/rls.

For more information about CCMI’s research projects as well as other upcoming International Year of the Reef events, such as the Reef Lecture series, visit www.reefresearch.org or like CCMI’s page on Facebook.

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