June 21, 2021

Cayman: Wayne Panton leaves the Progressives

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Wayne Panton

CNS are reporting that former financial services and environment minister, Wayne Panton, has left the Progressives – the PPM.

It comes as no surprise to me as another former colleague ,who lost his seat at the last election recently, told this publication he has reservations about how the Progressives are progressing.

With CNS also hinting Panton’s Bodden Town colleague, Osbourne Bodden, is also leaving the Progressives, the party is in serious trouble.

The first member to quit was MLA Anthony Eden.

There are rumours that premier Alden McLaughlin is going to retire when this term is over.

When we go back to the last election, it has struck me as strange that the Speaker, McKeeva Bush, was pushed hard to become the premier by most of the members of the opposition, when McLaughlin thought he had done a deal with Bush himself. These same people are the ones who have tried to get Bush dismissed from his position as Speaker over his own confession he physically assaulted a woman. It is McLaughlin who has stood by Bush despite the confession.

When it comes to governing a country it seems to make strange bed partners.

It would have been interesting if Panton had won the seat he lost to Alva Suckoo, by fifteen votes, seeing he is a strong advocate for the environment.

His position over the proposed cruise ship berthing facility would have given him problems. He might have had to leave the party he was a founder member of whilst being a minister.

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