September 22, 2021

Cayman: Three more adults and two more children tested POSITIVE today Government Press Briefing reveals

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By Georgina Wilcox

Main points from Cayman Government Briefing Tuesday 14 Sept

Three more adults and two more children have tested positive today. a

There is seven separate households where a person has the virus. All appear to be three unrelated separate incidences of community transmission.

Cayman Islands Government will not be lifting quarantine measures until near end of the year. In short term the isolation period for vaccinated travellers to be extended from five to seven days.

First person who tested positive remains in hospital. Is doing well.

The symptomatic student from George Town Primary School is also doing well

The other two positive children are asymptomatic. Contact tracing and testing is continuing at the school.

Tracing and testing continues on the three additional adult cases. Two are connected to the first community outbreak.

Leak in community appears to be recent.

Testing of local residents going out and front-line workers has been on going. Not one positive case in those screen tests until last Wednesday. 

The current opening plans for Phase 3 to be paused.

Phase 4 opening to be left until end of the year.

Plan to lift isolation requirements to be delayed.

Government want to increase vaccine numbers.

To get the current spread under control the booster programme will be implemented with mask mandates, social distancing protocols and reduction of crowd numbers via regulations.

Quarantine to be extended to seven days to offer additional time for incubation

Geo-tags will be reintroduced when new regulations are rolled out later this week.

Staffing levels at the HSA need to be higher to deal with the increasing levels of  vaccination work, as well as tracing and testing.

T view televised broadcast go to YOUTUBE

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