January 17, 2022

Cayman: The top 5 CHCC most read topics of 2019

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Barrie Quappe

From Cayman Healthcare Consulting (CHCC)

The following are our top 5 stories from Cayman Healthcare Consulting for 2019 (based on total website visitor views and readership). Enjoy!

  1. Healthcare in the Cayman Islands – State of Health or Illness? – Try an online search to find out how healthy is healthcare on our three Cayman Islands and you will get travelers advice on vaccinations and how to prevent mosquito bites but no information on the safety of healthcare in Cayman.
  2. Happy Nursing Week – Remember Why You Became a Nurse? – Nursing is a privilege. Nurses know suffering and still stand by patients despite some work conditions such as low supplies, double-shifts, even nurse abuse by patients and higher-ups. It is not a career for the weak, but it is the most rewarding. A real-life experience that can make you a better and stronger person.
  3. Telemedicine – E-Therapy on the Rise? – The giddying pace of our use of all things internet has not omitted the field of medicine. Imagine being able to do your counseling online without leaving the privacy of your home. Appealing, isn’t it? The privacy and security of this raises all kinds of questions and the research into this is quickly growing. How do you evaluate that? 
  4. Take Time to Review Your Policies – Let’s face it. Most of us get consumed by focusing solely on day-to-day operations and generating revenues. We’re busy buying and replacing equipment, hiring and firing, balancing the books and more. Regardless, don’t let this important area go unaddressed.Review your policies annually.
  5. Regulation of Patient Privacy: How Safe is Your Medical Information? – In January 2017, the Office of the Auditor General issued a report on the Cayman Islands Health System inclusive of public/statutory and private providers for hospitals to small healthcare facility offices. It is a solid factual report on what exists at the time of writing the report. For this short writing, I wanted to focus on your privacy. Do you know how secure your medical information is?

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