July 26, 2021

Cayman Spirits Company announces launch of first Cayman Islands vodka

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9270a25c5d1cd251739e1d5b50258a7c_LFrom Cayman Spirits Company

GEORGE TOWN, Grand Cayman — Cayman Spirits Company, the Cayman’s Islands first and only distillery, is now crafting a premium vodka destined for both the local Cayman market and for Export.

Gun Bay Vodka

The Cayman Spirits Company’s latest creation is a premium vodka offering.  Gun Bay Vodka is crafted from start to finish in the George Town, Grand Cayman distillery.

The Caymanian Distillery’s 30 foot tall building, located just off the bypass was built specifically to house the 28 plate vodka rectifying column, custom crafted for the Cayman Spirits Co. in Germany.  “As the spirit travels through the column, it becomes more pure and refined, so in order to make a premium quality vodka, you need a very tall distillation column.” Said Nelson Dilbert, of the Cayman Spirits Co.

The North American standard for producing vodka is a purity level of 95%, meaning it was distilled to at least 95% ABV.

Gun Bay Vodka is distilled to 96.4% ABV which is significantly higher and therefore more pure.  This means of course – that the vodka is very smooth.  After distillation, the Vodka undergoes a carbon filtration and polishing process prior to bottling.

Gun Bay Vodka is named after the site of the Wreck of the Ten Sails in East End, Grand Cayman.  The inspiration for the name and the concept is the spirit of the Cayman People.  The back of the bottle reads:

“On February 8th, 1794, at 3:00 in the morning, a convoy of 10 British Ships sailed to their destruction upon the reefs of Gun Bay, Grand Cayman.  This authentic, premium Caymanian vodka commemorates the heroic spirit of the people of Grand Cayman, who upon that night braved the dark waters and saved nearly all of the shipwrecked crew.  Celebrate the spirit of Gun Bay with the only premium vodka made in the Cayman Islands.”

The Distillery is currently exporting their unique Seven Fathoms Rum to the US and the UK already.  Currently, the Cayman made rum is physically available in 12 states in the US, and also available online in a total of 38 states.  US Customers can find the rum through Binnys, a large Chicago based retailer www.binnys.com  UK Customers are serviced through the Whiskey Exchange of London www.thewhiskeyexchange.com.



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