January 17, 2022

Cayman: Public Comments: Part 1 – The Penal Code: Is It Compatible With The Bill of Rights?

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The Law Reform Commission (“the Commission”) invites stakeholders and members of the general public to comment on the issues identified in the Discussion Paper (“the Paper”) titled “Part 1 – The Penal Code: Is It Compatible With The Bill of Rights?” and, in particular, to submit their views on the recommendations presented for discussion.

As part of the initial phase of the review, the Paper focusses on those provisions in the Constitution that raise issues of potential incompatibility with the Bill of Rights. Among the provisions identified are those relating to immature age (minimum age of criminal responsibility), compulsion by spouse, insulting the modesty of a woman, procuring abortion, unnatural offences, indecent assault and incest.

The Paper may be viewed on the following websites: www.lrc.gov.ky or www.gov.ky or a copy may be collected from the Offices of the Commission.

Submissions should be forwarded no later than 15 March, 2022 to the Director of the Law Reform Commission either (a) electronically to [email protected] or (b) in writing, by post or hand delivered to the Office of the Commission on the 4th Floor, Government Administration Building, Portfolio of Legal Affairs, 133 Elgin Avenue, George Town, Grand Cayman, P.O. Box 136, Grand Cayman KY1-9000.

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