March 22, 2023

Cayman Police issue advisory to public on securing motorcycles

This past weekend, police responded to three incidents where motorcycles were stolen. In one case a member of the public found a motorcycle at a location off Shamrock Road and reported it to the police, who subsequently determined it to have been stolen.

These incidents remain under investigation.

As such, the RCIPS is advising members of the public to take extra care in securing motorcycles:

– Park motorcycles in well-lit areas, ideally with cameras nearby or security on site.
– Make regular checks and do not leave motorcycles unattended for extended periods of time (longer than a day or so).
– If possible, secure your motorcycles by locking the wheels with a disc lock, front brake lock, or similar lock, and/or chaining the rear wheels to an immovable object.
– Place a cover over the motorcycle so that the model is not immediately obvious.
– Always use the steering lock and remove ignition keys when leaving the motorcycle unattended.
– It may also be a good idea to consider installing an alarm system on the motorcycle.

Following these tips can help you avoid become a victim of motorcycle theft, as we work together to keep the Cayman Islands safe.

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