August 1, 2021

Cayman: Police Association in current disagreement with the Commissioner of Police

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Letter Before Action served on Commissioner of Police in relation to the administration of promotions within the RCIPS Grand Cayman—

The Commissioner of Police (“CoP”) has been served with a formal Letter Before Action (LBA) in relation to alleged unlawful decisions in relation to and failures in the administration of promotions within the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (“RCIPS”).

The LBA claims that the current improper and unfair system of promotions by the CoP is in breach of the COP’s legal obligations and is contrary to the Public Services Management Law (2018 Revision) and Personnel Regulations (2019 Revision). . The Police Association assert that the COP has and continues to misuse his powers under section 6 of the Police Law by (i) appointing officers to acting up roles for periods in excess of 12 months; and (ii) failing to hold promotion interview boards.

Officers have been appointed by the CoP to acting roles and remain in these roles in excess of the 12 month statutory time limit. These appointments have been happening at an alarming rate, with officers remaining in acting roles for up to nearly 4 years. At present there are approximately 21 officers who have been appointed to and remain in acting roles in excess of the 12 month statutory time limit. The consequence of this is that other officers who have passed the promotion examination from as far back as 2007, have been denied an opportunity to be promoted to these roles.

There are currently 57 constables who have passed the promotion to sergeant examination, and 16 sergeants who have passed the promotion to inspector examination, who are all awaiting an opportunity to be interviewed by the promotion board. However, none of the acting positions have been advertised during the last 3 years and no scheduled dates have been set for a promotion interview board to be convened.

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