December 8, 2021

Cayman Pharmacy Group – Cayman Islands Healthcare Conference

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From Cayman Pharmacy Group

During the eighth annual CI Healthcare Conference at The Ritz-Carlton last month; The Cayman Pharmacy Group was honored to participate in spreading awareness in the latest services and technology offered within our three locations. The theme for the conference this year was ‘Food for Thought: Exploring the Relationship between Nutrition and Health’. Our staff expanded on this theme by informing the Caribbean communities and Healthcare professionals about our Diabetes Center where you can learn and become a proud supporter in overcoming Diabetes. Our Diabetes Education Programme was designed to help individuals learn and implement a plethora of Diabetes self-management skills. The rate of Diabetes in the Cayman Islands is three times higher than other Caribbean territories. About 40 percent of Caymanian children are overweight or obese, which exceeds the 33 percent rate in the US. Our primary goal is to educate and empower others to make sustainable lifelong changes through proper eating habits and exercise so that they may live life to the fullest. Contact one of our Diabetes specialists today to learn more about how you can get involved and support the fight against this metabolic disease.

The Cayman Pharmacy Group was also proud to share at the 2017 CI Healthcare Conference our Oncology Services and the process of compounding medicine. We strive to provide medical advances for early detection of cancer, more precise diagnoses, improved outcomes and less invasive options. This also includes making in house Oncology Medications. Our Compounding/ Chemotherapy Pharmacists are here to help and provide you with the precise treatments.

Mr. David Pellow, Chief Pharmacist & Co-Owner stated, “The conference was a huge success and we are proud to support the Ministry of Health in their annual confernce”. He Furthered, “We were also pleased with the turn out from the community. With locations across Grand Cayman in three different districts, Cayman Pharmacy Group strives to educate the community as a whole when it comes to diabetes education. We also want people to know that with our oncology trained staff we are now able to give complete cancer care right here at home! That’s huge for anyone needing that type of service. The conference was the perfect event for us to get this message out ”.

Cayman Pharmacy Group
‘Taking Care of Your Health’


Left – Brennita Palmer (Pharmacy Technician Accounts Receivable)

Middle – Kevin Gipple (Compounding & Chemotherapy Pharmacist)

Right – Naomi Clery (Pharmacy Technician & Materials Management)

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